Kimia Biosciences Limited

Our Vision & Mission​


To be a leading pharmaceutical company with a global reach, constantly delivering cost-effective world class medicines, while being committed to serve humanity, honouring social and environmental responsibilities.


To be one of the best pharmaceutical company through sustained efforts to develop and manufacture safe, innovative and cost-effective pharmaceuticals, aimed at improved quality of life, alleviation of diseases and ultimately society’s greater good.

Global markets. Global satisfaction. Global achievements.


We believe in maintaining the highest level of quality, integrity and ethics. We practice following core values:

  • Innovation and excellence
  • Service and Customer satisfaction
  • Nurture talent and reward achievement
  • Sustainability by acting in an environmental friendly


  • Product Selection: Niche Molecules
  • Speed: Quick in development and commercialization of the new products
  • Range: Gram scale to Multi ton across different therapeutic segments
  • Quality & Compliances: Adherence to best quality and compliance practices
  • R&D
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility